Audio Services

Full Song Production

We specialize in full production, from the recording process to the mastering process and everything in between. Email us at with a general description of your songs and we’ll get a quote to you that day. We are typically booked one month in advance, so if you know when you’d like to schedule your session, let us know early.


Do you already have your tracks recorded?  Maybe you mixed a song yourself and you aren’t happy with the final product. Let us polish up those tracks for you to give your tune that crisp and clean sound for only $150 per song. Contact us here to inquire about mixing services.


There is a lot that goes into making sure that your recordings are exactly the way that you want them. Do you have a drum track that was slightly out of time? Would you like a subtle tune correction on some of those high notes so they really shine the way that they should? Send your tracks to us at, and we’ll fix those imperfections and send back wav files of perfectly timed drums, vocals, or bass that are right on pitch for $25 per track.


Do you already have a mixing engineer that you prefer, but you don’t have the equipment to get high quality recordings? Maybe you want an audio engineer to show up and record you at your house. We have access to multiple amazing rooms or we can come to you! You show up with your instruments and your song and we take care of the rest. Recording rates are $35 per hour plus the room rental. Our list of available rooms can be found below.  Book your session here.

Available Rooms

We have multiple rooms available to use for tracking for no room rental fee. Check out our list of available rooms below. Studio SAM is home to two incredible rooms. Check out The Live Room and The Green Room. If these two rooms don’t give you the sound you’re looking for, we work with La Blanca Studio, the Chattanooga Public Library Studio, and the state of the art studios at MTSU, which are all available to rent out through Studio SAM. For questions about room rentals or recording in your home, send us an email at

Practice Space

Does your band need a practice space? We have everything you need to run an efficient practice. Drums, amps, and PA system will all be set up and ready to go for you in The Green Room. If you would like to have your practice sessions recorded, we can record your practice for an additional flat rate of $50.  Our practice space is available Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM until 12:00 AM. Our rate for the practice space is $20 per hour.  You can email us at with any questions you have have.