CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX Volume License (Windows / macOS)

  1. A volume license is a product available to companies and educational institutions, allowing the use of multiple terminals with 1 serial number.
  2. Users can apply for an annual subscription version starting from 10 licenses.
  3. Terminals can be used by any user.
  4. Based on the number of licenses, beneficial discounts are available.
  5. Regardless of the location of use, all accounts can be managed with a single serial number.

Volume licence implementation benefits

1 Management becomes easier as it is possible to install to multiple terminals with a single serial number (Normal licenses require installation and registration per terminal).
  1. Users can apply from a minimum of 10 licenses.
  2. Multi-user support allows users to have separate accounts on one terminal. With multi-user support, a single terminal can be used by specific users.
  3. License registration is done via internet. To run license authentication, an internet connection is required.
  4. Can be used in environments that revert drives to a previously set restoration point when restarted.
  5. Can be implemented in environments that use proxies.
  6. Can be used in thin client environments.
  7. Operation checks for your intended environment are available. Click here to apply.

2 With the volume licence subscription version, the price per unit decreases with each applied unit.

The annual (automatically renewed) license validity period (contract period) results in reduced initial costs, along with the freedom to cancel the service when necessary. Additionally, while the serial number will be different, licenses can be freely added when necessary.

  1. The volume license subscription version is available from 10 licenses.
  2. Licenses will be provided in units of 10 up to 100 licenses.
  3. 100 or more licenses will be provided in units of 100.
3 The volume license subscription version can be used with the same serial number, even when offices and schools are spread across the country.

Subscription Version (Windows / macOS)

Product contents

The application is equivalent to the download version.

Product information

  1. An internet connection is required for activation authentication.
  2. Users will need to log in with a Clip Studio account after installing Clip Studio Paint for the first time.
    *You do not need to log in every time the software runs.
  3. The license cannot be used in environments where the Documents (Windows / macOS) folder is saved to a server.

Regardless of placed license orders, the product contents will be the same.

Volume license price list

Number of licensesAnnual fee
Number of licensesAnnual fee
  1. The volume license is applicable from 10 licenses.
  2. Licences cannot be autheticated/used on more terminals than the number of licenses purchased.
  3. The license will be effective for 1 year, with automatic annual renewal.

Cancelling a volume license

Volume licenses can be cancelled from My Account in Mycommerce, which is also used for payment.
To cancel your subscription, select "Cancel Subscription" from the volume license contract after logging into MyCommerce from here.
A link to "Cancel Subscription" is also included in the mail sent upon purchase of the volume license.

Subscriptions cannot be canceled by any other method than the above.

No refunds will be made upon the cancellation of a subscription during contract periods.