Maison Boucheron allows the studio total creative liberty.
High Jewelry collections where creation and innovation are used to forge emotion.


Carte Blanche High Jewelry Collection July 2021

“With this Holographic collection, I wanted to bring a new meaning to light. One defined by Boucheron. To capture its very essence, which is color. Every piece is like a prism, catching the complexity of light by representing every single color that is held within it. Every piece reveals the colors of the world on a different day.”
Claire Choisne



Carte Blanche High Jewelry Collection July 2020

Capturing the ephemeral so that it doesn’t fade away. Suspending time. Telling through creation what words cannot express.
It is this poetry that Claire Choisne reveals to us this year, in a High Jewelry collection that is personal, intimate, almost confidential. She reinterprets the codes of the Maison Boucheron through the lens of her own creative world.


Paris vu du 26

Carte Blanche High Jewelry Collection July 2019

It's not a walk. Much less a stroll. Inspired by Paris, by its architecture and culture, Boucheron's new high jewelry collection explores viewpoints, perspectives and heights.



Carte Blanche High Jewelry Collection July 2018

The Nature Triomphante collection is a tribute, to the beauty of nature first, whose diversity, ideal aesthetic and symbolic abundance offer endless sources of inspiration to Boucheron. Next, it is a tribute to the innovative and free spirit of the Maison, which has never ceased transcending the jewelry codes to craft unique pieces of stunning audacity.


Hiver Impérial

Carte Blanche High Jewelry Collection July 2017

Boucheron introduces Hiver Impérial, a new collection of High Jewelry inspired by the aura of the Far East's vast stretches of snow covered land.

When Boucheron opened a shop in Moscow in 1897, it was the first French jeweler in the city. Its history is therefore closely tied to Imperial Russia, its Slavic heritage and endless expanses. Boucheron brings you three main themes from these regions: Nature, Couture and Architecture.

The geometric symmetry of snowflakes, frozen waterfalls, wildlife with frost-covered fur, snowy rooftops... A High Jewelry collection of diamonds, pearls and precious stones sparkling in the wintertime.

Welcome to Boucheron's winter wonderland.


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